What We Will Not Do

We are not going to be your BFF and tell you how wonderful you are.
You need us to push back and pull up when the time is right.

Memorable Brand Experience
The Shulman Group will help you provide your customers with an important professional and memorable business experience that creatively promotes your brand. Positive experiences increase customer loyalty, and no one knows more about your target audience than you. Let us help you create engaging content that gets you notices.
Impressive Media Services
The Shulman Group offers an all-inclusive media strategy, meaning that you just sit back and watch the $$$ roll in. There’s no need for you to worry about where your brand and marketing message is being placed and when it is being seen because you are working with a team of media experts who are truly connected across the planet.
Intense Competitive Analysis
The Shulman Group stays on top of who your competitors are, researching their strategies, and microscopically studying their every move.  We want to share with you their plans so we can all learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and how we can become the number one competitor in your industry.

We’ve Got The Chops

To aggressively solve your problems with a team of experts with years of experience