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The Shulman Group has made it our mission to help your business grow through many marketing avenues. We have over 25 years of experience in the marketing field and we’ve been helping businesses grow and thrive at every step of the way. It is our job to deliver results through innovation and creativity, resulting in improved bottom line revenue for you and your business. Let us help you navigate and thrive in this rapidly changing environment.

Ivan N. Shulman

Ivan Shulman has been using his voice to entertain and inform consumers across the country for many years.

His natural sales ability, coupled with his deep baritone voice, has made him a highly requested Voice Artist for all types of engagements.

Ivan’s voice has the natural deep tones that make you want to listen. He takes complicated copy and easily explains it to your audience. If you need to draw people in from the first sentence, you need Ivan’s voice.

 Ivan has expanded his portfolio to include custom podcasting for small to medium sized business.

 I am here to help mid-large sized businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs with their audio messaging – providing the best-in-class corporate audio services in supporting your growth objectives. Leveraging more than 30 years in broadcasting and $1.8B in revenue generation, I continue to assist companies in achieving their desired results with diverse and impactful audio services.

Combining the art of audio and business strategy with:

 Advertising & Consulting
★ Telephone Greetings

Throughout my career, I’ve utilized the power of the human voice to grow businesses. I’ve realized incredible revenues for companies across North America. My years as a Broadcast Media Executive have instilled in me a life-long mission to be an advocate for all things audio.

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