The Shulman Group is an experienced agency that will tailor services specifically for your business, based on your budget, goals, and development.

Leadership is not only about who we are or what we have done but also about how we think. Embracing change, being prepared to break down barriers, and exploring uncharted spaces that are outside of your comfort zone are what give us the edge to make your revenue soar.

The Shulman Group is led by an experienced marketing executive with over 30 years of proven sales records in commanding phenomenal growth for companies around the world. His goal continues to be hiring the best team of individuals in your arena who understand your business goals. Having been in the “biz” for over 30 years, Ivan is connected to the best of the best in writing, creative design, media planning, social media, and more.


Ivan Shulman is an entrepreneurial business executive who has been consistently successful at driving revenues, cutting costs, maximizing resources, and delivering corporate goals across all operational functions and all organizational phases, from startups to turnarounds to rapid growth.

Ivan Shulman is a business developer and revenue builder who defines strategies for long-term company success, engineers companies that quickly adapt to market trends and creates teams, systems, and processes that rapidly respond to changing customer demands.

Ivan Shulman is a trusted cross-departmental manager who guides by example, builds talented teams, and empowers them to achieve peak performance and capture professional and company goals while reducing turnover and increasing engagement.

Ivan Shulman is a strategist, communicator, and relationship builder who can make tough decisions and gain buy-in from all stakeholders. He excels at reducing costs and improving efficiencies while maintaining product standards and increasing customer retention.


☆ Received repeated promotions for driving business growth; rose from individual contributor to CEO and Board Chairman

☆ Started or transformed 2 companies, rapidly grew them to profitability, and led them both to successful public offerings

☆ Achieved outstanding sales success, leading teams to write over $1.8B in sales during leadership career

☆ Consistently reduced employee turnover by 20 to 25% at every company in career. Cut the cost of sales with no layoffs

☆ Drove sales to grow the company from $7M to $290M; met or exceeded Wall Street expectations for 16 successive quarters

☆ Maintained client renewals at a consistent 75%+ per year, developing 20-year relationships with many

☆ Put together a 2,000-station radio network covering 10,000 Stihl dealers

☆  Brought in four broadcast entities that competed with each other and got them to work together for the advancement of the client’s business


Operations Management | P&L ï Business Development | Growth Strategy | Startups | Turnarounds  | Change Management | Strategic Planning | IPO | Mergers & Acquisitions | Joint Ventures | Sales Leadership | Market Analysis | Target Marketing | Brand Strategy | Portfolio ManagementCustomer Retention  |  Team Leadership | Talent Development | Process Streamlining | Relationship Management | Emerging Media  |  Broadcasting Technologies  | Media Relations | Board Presentations



Continuation of role as President of Australian-owned USTN, 2016–2018. Negotiated purchase of $70M traffic broadcast company with 260 staff and 1,100 radio and TV stations across the US after the Australian board voted to pull out of the country. Purchased company on the verge of bankruptcy and partnered with USTN’s largest creditor in a debt-to-equity swap, agreeing to sell the company to a partner. 

  • Negotiated debt swap for a near-bankrupt company, successfully converting $13M of $18M debt to equity.
  • Created the company’s first formal business plan for 6-month, 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year periods, using the plan in collaboration with an investment banking partner to develop a valuation of the company over expectations.
  • Slashed $2.5M from annual costs by restructuring back-office operations and overhead expenses.
  • Obtained favorable settlement from debt swap partner after filing a lawsuit when partner pulled out of the sale, negotiating settlement larger than the agreed purchase price on the condition of the liquidating company in June 2019.



Continued in role as President of USTN after the company was purchased by Australian GTN Group in 2016. Delivered a 2-year profit-building plan to the GTN board, gaining the board’s buy-in. Initiated restructuring plan for management, costs, and revenue to integrate with new parent; met cost containment and revenue goals for first 14 months, only to have parent board renege on plan and leave the US.

  • Doubled both sales force and revenues in the first year without increasing management costs as the initial phase in implementing a board-approved profitability plan.
  • Added over 80 partner stations across 10 US cities.
  • Negotiated purchase of company after parent board decided to close US division, avoiding USTN bankruptcy.



Recruited to restructure the white-label broadcast content business for a $40M outsource provider of traffic, news, sports, and weather reports for 800 radio and TV stations across the US, to bring the company back to profitability and negotiate company sales. Managed a staff of 140. Full P&L responsibility. Directed all business operations, budgeting, and operational streamlining.

  • Rapidly transformed the company, turning annual $8M loss into $1M in profit and boosting sales from $22M to $40M, positioning the company for profitable sales in 2016.
  • Directed end-to-end due diligence for the company’s sale to Australian GTN Group, including buyer qualification and coordination of complex contract details. 
  • Captured traffic broadcast industry’s largest-ever contract with CBS radio.



Hired for earlier outstanding Westwood One/Metro Traffic leadership performance to bring their business model to the largest Canadian traffic broadcasting company with 91 stations across Canada, 80 employees, and $20M in revenues at the time of departure. Successfully overcame culture differences to rapidly expand affiliate footprint, increase staff, and significantly grow revenues.

  • Dramatically grew revenues from $300K in 2006 to $20M in 2012, while expanding affiliate base from 35 to 91 stations, and doubling the sales team.
  • Brought the company back to profitability 1 year ahead of the target date while meeting or exceeding all Wall Street expectations for 16 consecutive quarters.
  • Developed, patented, and deployed multi-platform traffic applications for digital and mobile use.



Expanded startup family sports facility to 2 locations.

  • Grew sales to $1M at each of 2 locations.
  • Drove batting cage revenues to over $125K per year, the first franchise in the country to do so.
  • Sold company at profit to return to broadcasting management.


WESTWOOD ONE/METRO NETWORK – Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Multiple roles and rapid promotion with expanding leadership roles driving business development, marketing, and sales for the US’s second-largest, rapidly growing traffic broadcast company, with $290M in sales in 2002.

  • Grew revenues from $72M to $290M by expanding affiliate partnerships to over 2,200 stations across the US.
  • Met or exceeded sales targets for 18 consecutive quarters, surpassing the previous year’s revenues each year.
  • Expanded sales team from 25 to 275 highly trained and performing professionals with very low turnover.
  • Restructured sales commission program to reduce the cost of sales by 1.5% while also significantly cutting turnover.