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The Shulman Group believes that marketing, public relations, and advertising are all vital components of a successful business and should be addressed strategically and creatively to generate additional revenue. We deliver high-impact, lead generating marketing campaigns resulting in increased and continuing profit for your business. We promise exceptional customer service while striving to achieve concrete results for you and your business.


The Shulman Group knows that advertising is an important component of the marketing process. Although advertising is just one part of the puzzle, it is clearly a big part, the one that gets the word out about your practice, product, or service through persuasive messages. Advertising may include television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, direct mail, the internet, media buying… and much more. Our goal is to create a compelling brand and marketing message that drives maximum to improve your bottom line.

Broadcast Media

Broadcast media is just as important as its ever been.  To engage potential clients on all levels, you need to produce broadcast media that’s effective for radio, television, and the internet.  Effective broadcast media can help you improve conversions, sales, revenue, and increase client engagement.  Let Shulman Group help you today!


Digital marketing is not just about creating an attractive website, but is focused on building a profitable company by meeting the needs and demands of your clients. This means strategically planning and executing processes based on a strict analysis of your services. The Shulman Group’s marketing goal is to systematically plan and implement a mix of business activities that will your business more accessible and visible. Our tightly integrated marketing team works to meet your needs, and we can help you increase engagement and profitability.

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