As a seasoned broadcast professional,
Ivan Shulman has been
using his dynamic voice
to entertain and inform
audiences around the country.

About Ivan Shulman

Since 1985, Ivan Shulman has been using his voice to entertain and inform consumers across the country.

His natural sales ability, coupled with his deep baritone voice, has made him a highly requested Voice Artist for all types of engagements.  Whether it is a voice for your online video presentation (corporate narrations), your corporate voice presence over the phone (IVR and on hold), or a promotion for an upcoming event or show, Ivan will work with you to achieve your desired results.

Ivan’s voice has the natural deep tones that make you want to listen.  He takes complicated copy and easily explains it to your audience.  If you need to draw people in from the first sentence, you need Ivan’s voice.

His on-hold messages have resulted in incremental sales just by mentioning special offers in his representation of your company.  Remember, many times your telephone or online presence is your introduction to potential clients, you must make that first impression count!

Ivan’s commitment to you is very simple and easy to understand. If you don’t like the final product, you don’t pay.

Ivan has a working relationship with all types of voices (male, female, young, old). If his baritone ‘voice of god’ is not what you need, he will recommend appropriate talent.

What are you waiting for?


“I was recently asked to drop a line to another company regarding my thoughts about the services of The Shulman Group. I have only the highest praise for them. At the time that they started working with us, we were losing market share and faced declining volumes. The Shulman Group worked with us to develop a strategy for marketing OakBend Medical Center that we use today. They were flexible and creative in tailoring the marketing plan to our needs. As an organization that never had a marketing plan and didn’t know how to value the marketing dollar, they patiently helped try various marketing models until we found one that fit our needs and budget. The Shulman Group was very efficient in the use of our marketing dollars. We are now growing rapidly and picking up market share, due in no small part to their contribution. I highly recommend The Shulman Group.”

CEO, OakBend Medical Center


Since every clients needs are different, we need to price once we know the scope of the project.

  • Basic (100 word) phone message with music, uploaded $99.00 (1 time)
  • 4 basic messages with music, uploaded quarterly ($30 Per month)
  • Explainer videos, commercials (have to deal with music rights, etc), powerpoint, all priced by the project.
  • REMEMBER OUR GUARANTEE; 100% Satisfied or your money back

Ivan Shulman can provide the voice for……..




Voice Over

Script Development

Business Development

Turn Your Telephone Into A ‘Sell A Phone’ With Tested Promotional Opportunities To Increase Revenue

Ivan Shulman can help you with

  • Radio and TV commercials
  • Explainer Video’s
  • Audio Books
  • Documentaries
  • Promos
  • Trailers
  • Training / e-learning
  • In store announcements


Narration takes many forms. It can be a customer video on your website, it can be a major presentation to investors, it can be part of a package you send to potential new clients, it can be a trade show presentation, a walking tour of your city. Whatever your need for narration, you need an authoritative, relatable voice to tell your story.

People listen when Ivan tells your story. They are drawn in by a combination of the video and Ivan’s voice telling your story.

Ivan is personally happy to help with editing and writing. Just give Ivan a call.

Telephone / IVR

Your telephone is your biggest ‘sell a phone’ for your business.  For many consumers, nothing (website, email, etc.) is more powerful than their phone call to your business.  A quick question:  Who is the voice on your phone system?  This is the first contact many customers have with your business.  Is the voice the right one?

Are you promoting monthly or quarterly specials?  Are you recognizing the consumers pain of having to hold?  How about recognizing your employee of the month?

Whether or not you use Ivan to voice your system, download my e book:  How to turn your telephone into a ‘sell a phone’……….

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Ivan Shulman