The Pod Letter™

Experience today’s version of the corporate newsletter in a modern audio podcast format. The Pod Letter™ gives you the opportunity to maintain regular contact with your customers and prospects. Plus, they can listen to your topics whenever and wherever they want; via computer, car blue tooth, headphones, cellphone, etc. Let us help you create audio content that your audience actually want to listen to.

The Pod Letter™ gives you:

A consistent presence across every platform

A platform that can be listened to on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker and even in your car

Is packed with features your audience will love


As technology shifts, so do expectations!
The Pod Letter™ will help you break through the clutter and get noticed.
Jump ahead of the curve with Pod Letter.

*Included in 1x Setup Fee

Client Pod Letter Profile/Interview

  • We work with you step by step to develop your personal Pod Letter.
  • Original Pod Letter Slogan
  • We will help you develop a Pod Letter slogan so you can use it as a powerful branding device that can capture the minds of your audience.

Custom Pod Letter Art

  • You provide us with your corporate colors and graphics, and we will make it your own to be featured as your Pod Letter icon.

Dynamic Pod Letter Vocal Selection

  • You pick your own voice talent to be used consistently within all of your Pod Letter presentations.
  • Pod Letter Intro and Outro
  • Original introduction and conclusion to each Pod Letter presentation

Personalized Pod Letter Musical Composition Package

  • An original piece of licensed music will be used throughout your Pod Letter that is unique to your business.  Our business imaging specialist, has 15 years experience.

Executive Team



As a seasoned broadcast executive, business owner, CEO, and entrepreneur, Ivan brings unparalleled experienced along with a dynamic personality and strong voice to your Pod Letter platform. His team encompasses the best of the best in the industry.


Macha is a professional producer, voiceover talent, and audio imaging producer. She has spent the better part of the last 13 years in audio advertising: writing, voicing, and sound designing creative commercials and imaging for major market business clients.


Kevin is one of the most experienced live sound and studio engineer in the broadcast industry. From engineering live performances on 2 continents, to producing credits on Grammy award winning songs, Kevin keeps our sound consistent, and oversees the production team.


For more than 25 years, I have been working as a technology leader, innovator, and strategist with a focus on building core technologies and delivering leading-edge technology solutions for some of the most complex and demanding markets…


Advisory Board



A veteran audio broadcasting exec, and current owner of Aidem Group, Chuck brings over 30 years of broadcast audio experience to The Pod Letter advisory board. His background includes COO of Metro Networks and Westwood One and radio station executive management roles including Regional VP for Cumulus Media. He will use his experience in national, network, digital and out-of-home platforms, to help guide The Pod Letter.


Scott is Chief Financial Officer, & Chief Operating Officer of Global Traffic Networks and has 28 years of experience in the broadcast industry. Prior to joining Global Traffic Network, Scott held various positions with Metro Networks, Inc./ Westwood One, including serving as Vice President of Finance and Senior Vice President of Business Development. Prior to joining Metro Networks, Inc./ Westwood One, Scott was Vice President of Finance for Tele- Media Broadcasting Company.


Mr. Marks has a long and storied history in the broadcast audio industry, with previous leadership roles at Westwood One Company and Shadow Broadcast Services/Metro Networks. Mr. Marks also served as COO at Focus 360, a national audio network and digital sales company. In this role, he established partnerships for the first cloud-based programmatic buying platform for broadcast radio advertising, while reorganizing and streamlining operationsm.

Christopher Leonard

Christopher Leonard

A 25+ year audio broadcast veteran, recognized as ‘the’ go to guy for Content Distribution, with experience in multiple verticles.  Under his direction, Christophers’ teams have produced in excess of 50,000 content related audio reports A WEEK.  Currently a principal with OMG Advertising, we are proud to have Christopher as an advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pod Letter?

Pod Letter is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series. Audio content posted on the internet is not a podcast. Pod Letter is something digitally delivered via RSS that downloads to a subscriber’s computer, smart phone or mobile device.

Why should my business have Pod Letter?

Pod Letter is an extremely functional, portable and convenient way for your clients, customers, and employees to consume content. People listen to podcasts while driving to work or traveling, working out, mowing the lawn. Basically, any place you can turn on a mobile device, you can consume a podcast. Your business can benefit from having Pod Letter by being able to directly speak to your fanbase. The content is yours. You decide what you want to inform your audience about.

Does Pod Letter take a lot of time on my end?

Absolutely Not! Pod Letter outlines how you will plan each of your episodes. You don’t need to learn how to edit as we take care of that.

Do I need to interview people on my Pod Letter?

No, you do not need to interview people on Pod Letter. Your show is yours to create as your own and we will guide you through this step by step. Whether this is through solo episodes or simply answering listeners questions, there is no need to have anyone else on. However, inviting other experts on to your Pod Letter is a great way to bring a new perspective to your Pod Letter. Special guests can dive even deeper into specific topics and help give your listeners an even more in-depth analysis of the subject.

Do I need a special microphone?

No. There is no need for unnecessary investments on your end. We will provide you with a specialized microphone (included in your set up fee).

What is the objective for each of my Pod Letter episodes?

We will help you develop your objective for each episode. Is the purpose of your Pod Letter to inform? Is it to entertain? Is it to persuade? Is it to influence? Is it to shock? Is it to educate? You need to have a clear goal of what you want your audience to take away after listening to your Pod Letter and we will expertly guide you through this.

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