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Create a podcast without major time commitment
to boost YOUR authority, leads, and sales.

Experience today’s version of the corporate newsletter in a modern audio podcast format. Podcasting gives you the opportunity to maintain regular contact with your customers and prospects. Plus, they can listen to your topics whenever and wherever they want; via computer, car bluetooth, headphones, cellphone, etc.

We Do It All For You

From developing the concept of your show to choosing the right journalist to interview you, to putting it all together, we do ALL the heavy lifting.  You just sit back and watch your creation unfold.

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How it Works

Together we can create audio content that your audience not only wants, but will start to demand because of the value you provide.

There Are Millions of Reasons NOT To Do A Business Podcast

  • Ahh, I don’t know where to begin (Let The Shulman Group show you how)

  • I don’t have equipment (The Shulman Group provides you with all of the equipment)

  • I have no idea how to express myself (The Shulman Group has over 30 years of expertise and will guide you step by step)

  • I don’t think people want to hear a podcast about me and my company (They ABSOLUTELY do)

  • It will cost too much time any money (The Shulman group has an efficient process with a low cost, no commitment, and no extra editing or publishing)

  • I cannot create consistent content (The Shulman Group’s production takes as little as an hour or two per month to produce all the content you’ll need)

The Shulman Group will help you get your message out to customers and prospects with included email distribution services.

Podcasts produced by The Shulman Group have an unbelievable open and listen rate. The average email message has an open rate of 20%. Our average client’s podcast email is over 45% – with several approaching 80%. There’s a reason listenership is growing, and podcasting revenue has doubled over the past four years.

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Quality Marina | Maaco | A Simple Office Solution | Author, Barb Markey | Earp Cohen Attorneys | Hartgrove Insurance | Albert Dabbah, MD


Even if you think you don’t have the time, the topics, or the voice for it, We have helped business owners of all walks of life turn a podcast into one of their leading sales tools.

Podcasts are an incredible way you can stand out and become THE authority in your market – and take on bigger competitors and their ad budgets.