Let’s Talk “Mixtapes”

Remember how we used to share music with our friends? You would get out the funky cassette player (if you were really hip, you’d have a huge boom box) or CD burner and pull together the absolute coolest compilation of music. The songs were ordered sequentially or made in a continuous program as you tried to seamlessly transition the fade-out endings into the fade-in beginnings. Well, guess what? Today, we are doing the same thing, but with a new medium: PODCASTS.

Mixtapes Take On A New Life

A podcast is a digital audio file, typically made into a series, that users/subscribers listen to from any device. Think of it as your own personal radio show where you discuss any topic with whomever you want. Plus, you don’t need to spend hours and hours of time making a tape or CD. You just share the name or link of your podcast, and your friends can download them for free. The world is seemingly obsessed with podcasts. And it’s only going to continue to grow.

How Big is the Podcast Market?

To get a firm grasp on how popular podcasts are among the public, consider these statistics:

  • Recent research from Podcast Insights shows that 70% of the US population is familiar with the term ‘podcasting’, and 57% of them have listened to a podcast. Over 165 million people have listened to a podcast, and over 100 million people listen every week.
  • The Global Podcasting Market 2021-2028 report estimates that the global podcasting market size will reach 94.88 billion by 2028.
  • As of April 2021, there were more than 48 million podcast episodes.

It’s easy to understand why this new medium has become so popular with people all over the world, and one of those reasons is convenience.

So, How Can a Podcast Help Your Business with its Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to attracting new clients and prospects, blog posts and videos are great. Social media is powerful but, podcasts offer a different angle other mediums lack-The Power Of The Voice. Podcasts are able to provide your customers and potential customers with the knowledge they need, from you, The Industry Expert.

Podcasts are a simple and convenient way to get ahead of your competition. Don’t be that company that falls behind in your marketing. Your personalized, professional, business podcast can provide listeners with your busines content in a digital ‘to-go’ box. People can listen while driving, cleaning the house, walking the dog, exercising, at work and so on. There are podcasts available in essentially every industry imaginable. Shouldn’t your business be featured?

Jump Into This Century and Add Podcasts to Your Marketing Strategy

Podcasts Are Engaging

Podcasts are an engaging medium because they’re highly interactive. Within podcast episodes,

hosts can create audience polls, take calls, and answer questions. This helps engage listeners with the show and your business, making listeners feel like they’re part of the experience. This can make them feel more connected with your brand. Podcasts Offer More Visibility for Your Brand Podcasts can boost brand visibility. If your podcast provides your listeners with tons of value, it’s likely they’ll share it with others. Whether they’re sharing it on their own website or social media feed, other people are likely to see it. Even if they don’t listen to your podcast or even click the link, they now know about your brand. As a result, more people will see it. Podcasts Allow You to Reach New Audiences You can reach a wide range of people in your podcast episodes. That’s because audio messaging is a universal medium. Consumers, no matter their age, gender, interests, or profession like entertainment and enjoy learning new things in an engaging way.

Podcasts Help You Build Deeper Connections with Your Audience

When people can hear your voice and the emotions you evoke through your tone, they’re more likely to feel a connection. Another thing that makes podcasts so interactive is the fact that they’re conversational. People have conversations every day. Conversation is one of the ways in which we communicate. This is what podcasts achieve. Through thought-provoking conversation that drives engagement and emotion, podcasts can help you develop a deeper connection with your audience.

Podcasts Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website and Boost SEO Strategy

Podcasts offer an effective way to increase traffic to your website, which helps with search engine optimization (SEO). For example, if you or someone else share your podcast on social media, this boosts your online visibility. The more people that see the link, the more likely your website is to receive traffic. This signals to Google and other major search engines that the page where your podcast lives is providing value to visitors. As a result, search engines will prioritize your web page over others in the search engines. This means higher search engine rankings for your website, which in turn, boosts visibility for your brand.

Throw Out Those Old Mixtapes and Bring On The New Technology

Now is the time to use your own personalized, professional business podcast to increase your audience. The Shulman group makes everything easy, affordable, and totally turnkey. You are your company’s best spokesperson. So, what are you waiting for?

Podcasts are steadily growing in popularity, which can mean BIG wins in promoting your business, services, or products. To get started, book a 15-minute complimentary podcast discussion with Ivan Shulman today.

Ivan Shulman is a 25+ year award winning broadcast audio expert. From phone greetings to podcasting, and everything in between, Ivan has “been there-done that”. So, pick up your phone now and call 713-962-3336. Better yet just click on this link to visit his website and listen to samples: https://theshulmangroup.com/podcasting/