I was recently asked to drop a line to another company regarding my thoughts about the services of The Shulman Group. I have only the highest praise for them. At the time that they started working with us, we were losing market share and faced declining volumes. The Shulman Group worked with us to develop a strategy for marketing OakBend Medical Center that we use today. They were flexible and creative in tailoring the marketing plan to our needs. As an organization that never had a marketing plan and didn’t know how to value the marketing dollar, they patiently helped try various marketing models until we found one that fit our needs and budget.

The Shulman Group was very efficient in the use of our marketing dollars. We are now growing rapidly and picking up market share, due in no small part to their contribution. I highly recommend The Shulman Group.

-Joseph Freudenberger, CEO, OakBend Medical Center

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