The Telephone is Still Relevant

If the telephone died, I missed the funeral

When did a telephone conversation become less important than just about every other aspect of your business? Your website is perfect! Your hand – crafted platinum engraved business cards ready for action, Your social media- out of sight. People today spend hours, hire writers, designers, consultants, and specialists to work out those details, and what do YOU hear when YOU call the number associated with all those wonderful assets?

Have you heard this before?

“The customer has not yet set up a voicemail account for this number, GOODBYE!


Or my absolute favorite:

“The voice mail box is full and not accepting anymore messages, GOODBYE!


Who wants to leave a message, let alone start a relationship with a business that doesn’t check their messages? How can I (the new customer) expect a call back in that scenario let alone give that person my hard-earned cash?

So, I have to ask, what do YOU hear when you call your office? Is the message crystal clear? Is it easy to understand? Is there appropriate background music? Do you clearly state your company’s name?

That 40-60 seconds of voice introduction to your company is true marketing GOLD! They called you, you didn’t call them. They are interested and ready to talk, yet they don’t even get greeted with the company name. Does that make you want to do business with yourself?

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